EasyStar Drone

Battery: 11.1V 2200MHA 3S Li-po

Video TX:

Aircraft: EasyStar, chosen because it is a stable aircraft with an unobstructed view looking forward. It is made of durable foam and is relatively inexpensive. I purchased mine from RC Planet


Adding LED lights to the Aircraft frame.

LED lights 1


Then we covered the LEDs with cellophane tape to smooth the airflow and protect the LED lights.


LED lights


Turning on the LED lights.


LED lights 2

A longer carbon fiber wing spar was added in place of the kits included wing spar to give the wing additional strength the full length of the wing.

I used a long drill bit to hollow out the wing where additional length was required for the longer spar.

Wiring the FPV system (Hornet OSD). For more information on FPV (First Person View) 

FPV System

FPV layout


FPV Receiver Side


You can find a pair of Diversity Skyzone FPV Goggles here. 

Connecting the FPV system to the OSD (On Screen display)



Close up of the Autopilot (looks similar to the Hornet FY-OSD, but it’s not the same)

FY 31 AP

Autopilot interface


See it in action

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