Concept X w/ 4 Cell Lipo AEO-RC 64mm Ducted Fan 3900KV Brushless Motor

Exceed RC’s Concept X 64mm EDF

Concept X Review

I sold my FMS 70mm F-16 and replaced it with Exceed RC’s Concept X, it is more powerful with my 4s configuration but that’s where the advantages end. The Concept X with the 4cell battery is a little too heavy for the small wing, the slow flight characteristics are horrible, and it is too much to pack in the airplane, there isn’t a lot of extra room. The overall construction is not as robust, the Concept X won’t handle too many touch n’ goes without braking something.

Maybe I’m jaded because of what happened next. Zoooom crash!!!!

But… it did go back together well.

You can find the Concept X at NitroPlanes. NitroPlanes also carries the AEO-RC 64mm Ducted Fan Combo w/ 3900KV Brushless Motor